Water Guard

Water Guard


Automatic monitoring of water supply of laboratory equipment and household appliances.




Solenoid valve system for automatic monitoring the leaks of water supply pipes and tubes. To be used in household and laboratory equipment.



Upon energizing, the control electronics opens the solenoid valve. The sensor can monitor a water film of approximately 0.5 mm and sends a signal to the electronics. The solenoid valve is closed and an audible alarm sounds. This condition is then reset by breaking the supply voltage.




Fully automatic monitoring can be built in to the supply pipes of a water source. The sensor lays on the floor and is connected with the control electronics through a cable. The solenoid coil and control electronics are built in to a plastic housing. The voltage supply occurs over a network cable with an adapter connector.



  •  Reduces the usage of electricity by sinking the electronic holding current
  • A fixed setting within the inner parts of the valve are hindered through an autmatic, daily valve closing impulse
  • Piezo alarm system
  • LED indicator of operation


sinking the electronic holding current
A fixed setting within the inner parts 
of the valve are hindered through an 
autmatic, daily valve closing impulse
(optional also without closing impulse).
Normal widths from DN10 to DN50
Fittings G1/2 to G2
Sensor cable length 2 m to 20 m
Piezo alarm system
LED indicator of operation

Technical data

Body material Brass Power consumption 11 W / 3 W
Inner parts Stainless steel (1.4105) Voltage tolerance -15% to +10%
Electronics housing Nylon, white Duty cycle 100%
Mouting direction Free Sensor cable length 2m
Approved ambient temperature 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°C) Degree of protection IP 54 (EN 60529)
Standard voltage AC: 230 V (50 or 60 Hz) Closing impulse 3 x daily, 1 second


Water Guard
Water Guard